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KB & Co. started with my dislike for waste.

     In 2008, having just finished school and about to move to Glasgow to study Veterinary Bioscience, I took all my school jotters and tore out the unused pages to use at university. Fast forward a few years and those pages were still unused. That’s when I decided to try and bind them together as notebooks, starting my adventure in bookbinding.

     In early 2016 I began to teach myself how to make notebooks and one day I had the idea to sew them on my Nana's old Singer sewing machine. The result was a notebook that I thought looked as good as those in the shops, so I decided to join the party and KB & Co. was born.

     Present day, I focus on making Traveller's Notebook inserts, hardback (case bound) notebooks, and greetings cards, all of which are made/designed in my ‘Craft Cupboard’ in the attic.


If you have any questions or a special request for a custom order I'd be happy to help. Just get in touch...